Vocabulary Today – pick on

pick on |phrasal verb|

: Repeatedly single (someone) out for criticism or unkind treatment in a way perceived to be unfair.

Why do you always pick on me?

Bullies pick on younger children.


clue up

clue up |adjective|

: having a lot of information about something : having a lot of information about the latest developments – often + on or about.

She is more clued up on/about movies than I am.

He is totally clued up on/about the latest computer developments.


Batch Unlocking the Files in an External Drive Mounted on MacBook Pro

Batch unlocking the files in an external drive mounted on MacBook Pro

The external drive I have mounted has a folder in which there are many subfolders that contains files and folders that has both ‘Locked’ checked and unchecked. I want to uncheck ‘Locked’ for all files. The following procedure would do it.

Launch Terminal 

Open Applications folder and then the Utilities folder, double click the Terminal

Press Cmd+Space bar and search for Terminal

Type ‘chflags -R nouchg’ without quotes followed by a single space and then the path to drive. My drive has the name Avin’s 1 TB in which I have to perform operation on the folder named ‘Merlin’. The path therefore is /Volumes/Avin\’s\ 1TB/Merlin. So what I typed was ‘chflags -R nouchg /Volumes/Avin\’s\ 1TB/Merlin’ without quotes.

Press Enter


in cahoots

in cahoots | phrase |

: working together or making plans together for dishonest or illegal purposes

A banker and a government minister were in cahoots over a property deal.

There has been a spate of allegations that the local police is in cahoots with brother owners.

Vocabulary Today – spate

spate | noun |

: a large number or amount

: a large number of events than usual, especially unpleasant ones, happening at about the same time or in short periods of time or in quick successions.

a spate ot bombings / theft / violence

: a sudden or strong outburst

a spate of anger

See also: in full spate

in full spate

in full spate | phrase |

: If a river is in full spate, it has more water in it and is flowing faster than it usually does

: used to refer to a person or action that is continuing with vigour and without pause.

He had this annoying habit of interrupting me when I was in full spate.